Author: Michael Wisehart Series: Street Rats of AramoorGenres: Not Classified My Rating: Still UnratedBuy Hurricane on Amazon

From the award-winning author of The White Tower, comes an engaging new epic saga built within the world of Aldor and its chronicles.Being labeled as a killer is every Upakan¿s dream.Being labeled as the killer of your chieftain¿s son¿not so much.Banished from his home at thirteen, Ayrion makes his way to the capital city of Aramoor in hopes of starting a new life. With high aspirations of making a name for himself, he soon discovers how dangerous and unforgiving the city really is.Mugged and left for dead by one of Aramoor¿s notorious street tribes, Ayrion vows retribution against the tribe¿s leader and swears he will make her pay if it¿s the last thing he does.With the help of a local street urchin named Reevie, Ayrion battles to reclaim what he¿d lost, but at the same time discovers something he never knew he had.Fate doesn¿t always give you what you want. Sometimes, you have to take it.

165 Words