Of Darkness and Dawn

Author: Will Wight Series: The Elder Empire: Shadow, #2Genres: Not Classified My Rating:
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The Heart of Nakothi has been lost, the Consultants were victorious, and the Empire remains free of Elder control. For now.Shera has become a Soulbound, but with her new powers comes a terrifying burden. Her Soulbound Vessel has begun to poison her mind, slowly transforming her into a monstrous, bloodthirsty killer. Meanwhile, Calder Marten and his Imperialist Guilds have begun to work against the Consultants...even to the point of raising their own band of homegrown assassins. Assassins with unique ties to Shera's past.On the seas, a man will do anything to seize control of a throne.In the shadows, a woman fights for her own soul.

106 Words