The Sum of All Fears

Author: Tom Clancy Series: Jack RyanGenres: Not Classified My Rating:
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Jack Ryan Confronts Terrorists In The Middle East In Tom Clancy S Spectacular Sixth Novel Another Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller Now Reissued With A New Cover. As Those In Power Around The Globe Face Up To The Challenges Of A New World Order, In Washington Cia Deputy Director Jack Ryan Is Putting Everything Into A Plan That Could Finally Bring Peace To A Middle East Still Suffering From The Ravages Of War. But Too Many Groups Have Invested Too Much Blood To Allow The Plan To Succeed The Terrorists Have One Final Desperate Card To Play. With One Terrible Act The World Is Plunged Into Nuclear Crisis. His Dreams Of Peace Shattered, Ryan Is Confronted With A Situation He Has Never Dared To Imagine: With The World Standing On The Brink Of War, What Do You Do If The Us President Is Incompetent To Deal With The Greatest Crisis Of All?

152 Words