The White Tower

Author: Michael Wisehart Series: The Aldoran ChroniclesGenres: Not Classified My Rating:
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For a thousand years magic has been outlawed and its wielders rounded up and taken to The White Tower for purging. Those unfortunate enough to be born with the gift struggle every day to keep their identities hidden.The Jun'ri have ruled over the Van'ae since the fall of the wizard order, but the winds of change are beginning to shift. Magic is on the rise. Those that seek to exploit it as well as those that seek to defend it will once again be forced to stand and fight.At sixteen, TY knows he's different. With the arrival of the Black Watch in Easthaven, his family is forced to reveal a secret that threatens to strip away everything he held to be true. The answer to who he is will not only threaten his life, but the lives of everyone around him. Thrown into an age old war, Ty is forced to use the one thing he fears the most in order to survive . . . magic.No prisoner has ever escaped the White Tower. FERRIN is determined to be the first. After enduring extensive torture by a sadistic Inquisitor, Ferrin is told that he will suffer the Chambers of Purging if he does not help them create magic-infused weapons for their growing army.As Guardian Protector to the High King, AYRION is no stranger to battle. With a neighboring kingdom threatening war, dark creatures of magic growing at an alarming rate, and a hidden enemy plotting from within the palace walls, he has no choice but to unleash his twin blades before everything he holds dear is ripped away.VALTOR, Arch Chancellor of the White Tower and newly promoted advisor to Prince Dakaran, has been using his position to not only round up any and all gifted wielders as he works to build an army for what he perceives will be an epic battle between those with magic and those without.

317 Words