Gizmodo says:

PDA Only Devices Dying A Slow Death According to market intelligence firm IDC, sales of PDA devices without phone capabilities are down 9 straight quarters in a row. Obviously, with smartphones having more and more PDA functionality due to faster chips and better software, people don’t feel the need to carry around both a cellphone and a PDA.

I both agree and disagree. I think the PDA and SmartPhone companies have it wrong. They should be selling kits. Why does everything have to be one piece?

Imagine a PDA and a Phone which are super integrated with one another over BlueTooth or even something more powerful but proprietary. Both components would be super streamlined- totally complimentary- ie. if there is gps in one the other won’t have it, if there is a camera in one the other won’t have it.

The PDA component does everything a PDA should. It also has all the added functionality of cellular communications because it is integrated with your Cellphone. The Cellphone component is just a cellphone. It get’s it’s contacts seemlessly from the PDA component. No need for calendaring, games, etc.- that all goes on the PDA. On the other hand- the PDA’s calendar can use the cellphone for audible alerts, vibrating alerts, etc. instead of relying on the usually unimpressive speakers they put in PDAs. I’m not sure where you would put the camera 😉

The first company to start selling such a kit will win the war in my opinion.