Import Old Blogger Content into WordPress

Recently I’ve been migrating my old Blogger content to WordPress. I’ve been considering this ever since Blogger announced it’s new layout / format which required hosting the blog on their servers. Finally I found the energy to tackle the beast but quickly hit my first obstacle- how to import the old Blogger posts.

If you haven’t already, you must be using New Blogger and a Google Account on Blogger. If you are still using Old Blogger, the importer will not work. –

Importing from my old Atom or RSS feeds didn’t work.

Importing from a Blogger export file didn’t work either.

Finally I found a solution which worked for the most part.

  1. I opened a new blog in Blogger and marked it private in the blog settings.
  2. I took the export file from my old blog and imported it into the new blog, converting all the posts to the new Blogger format.
  3. I pointed the WordPress import tool at the new blog and imported all the content- Voila

I can’t say it worked perfectly:

  • The import tool failed to import all the posts so I had to run it several times. Unfortunately this seemed to duplicate all the comments. Thankfully it didn’t duplicate the posts. I cleaned up the comments using the WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin.
  • Another issue was that all the tags I had in Blogger turned into WordPress categories. I converted them back to tags using the Categories and Tags Converter- one of the standard Import Tools.

I still have some issues, for example the lack of excerpts for the posts but all in all I’m very happy with how easy the switch has been so far.

Yonah Russ

Yonah Russ
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