Code Fast with CodeFresh!

Code Fast with CodeFresh!
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In case you were wondering why I haven’t written a word in the past two months, the answer is CodeFresh. We’ve been working day and night with our private beta customers to make CodeFresh the fastest and easiest way for you to hack on your code.

What is CodeFresh?

It’s super simple. It’s super fast. It’s easiest to explain with a quick walkthrough: First, go to and login with your Github or Bitbucket account:

Step 1: Login Once you’ve authorized the application you’ll get a list of your repositories.  Step 2: List Repositories If you’re part of an organization on Github, you can switch to the organizational context in the upper right corner: Step 3: Organization Mode I want to hack on the math-race project so I click “Launch”: Step 4: Launch Project A div will pop up showing me the progress as CodeFresh clones the repo and automatically builds a Docker container with my app inside it. At the end of the process I get two green buttons – ‘Open in IDE’ and ‘Launch app’. Step 5: Launch Modes Let’s start with ‘Launch app’: Step 6: Launch App The browser opens up a new tab with my app which is already running but there is actually a problem (yes, I knew there was going to be a problem). When I fill in the name field, the game is supposed to start.

Let’s go back and open up the IDE. This will put me into a custom version of the Orion web based IDE, including a shell window running in the Docker container: Step 7: Launch IDE Specifically, I know that this app needs the host and port that the app is running on to be hard coded into the config.js file, so I’ll open that up in the IDE and give it the host and port from the tab the app launched in. Don’t forget to save the file. Step 8: Edit Code Then click the stop and start buttons at the top of the IDE to re-launch the app. Step 9: Relaunch App Then I switch back to the other browser tab and hit refresh and everything is working: Step 10: Refresh Browser I could just as easily have edited the files in vi from the terminal: Step 11: Use the Terminal And once I’m done with my changes, I can commit them and push them back to git: Step 12: Commit and Push For the best experience download our chrome extension here: Step 13: Install Codefresh Extension Browse to a Github repo and click the Launch button. Step 14: Launch Project from Github You can also launch an environment for a specific branch straight from Github: Step 15: Launch Branch from Github Or from a pull request: Step 16: Launch Pull Request from Github Obviously you can do all this from the CodeFresh interface as well but with the extension you can actually run any SHA from any public repository on Github with a click.

As you can imagine, CodeFresh makes it incredibly easy to take a new repo and see if it suits your needs, or to test code in a new pull request before merging.

While you don’t need to know anything about Docker to use CodeFresh, we are Docker based so if you have a Dockerfile in your repo, we can use it to build your environment.

Anyway- that was a quick tour of the app but there are tons more features in there and we’ll be adding more and more features constantly so take a look and let us know what you think.

If you have any issues, the team will be happy to help- just click on the “chat” icon at the bottom right of the site:

Obviously, you can reach out to me as well.

Yonah Russ

Yonah Russ
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