Kingdoms at War

Author: Lindsay Buroker Series: Dragon GateGenres: Not Classified My Rating:
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For centuries, wizard kings have ruled the world from their elite sky cities, battling each other to add to their wealth and power, while using normal human beings as pawns. Those without magic struggle to feed their families and live in constant fear of bringing down the wrath of their tyrannical masters.Something must change.But great heroes have tried and failed. Rebellions have been quashed, villages enslaved, and warriors executed. Who is left to fight? In the shadow of an active volcano, a small band of downtrodden soldiers and bookish archaeologists hope to find an ancient portal that allows travel to other worlds. Somewhere out there are the allies they need to win the war against their oppressors. Maybe they can even find the dragons that are believed to have built the ancient portals. With such powerful allies, they could finally end the wizards' corrupt rule and bring freedom and prosperity to all of humanity. But our heroes are not the only ones who hunt for the portal, and the wizard rulers will do whatever it takes to keep their power?

180 Words