The Crimson Lord

Author: Robert Ryan Series: The Dark God RisesGenres: Not Classified My Rating:
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War strides across the land, and ancient gods pull the threads of destiny... Brand has passed through sorcery and battle, surviving everything his enemies sent against him. So far. But each time he discovers an enemy, he finds only another, and a greater, behind them. Now, his enemies number not just Unferth the Usurper nor Horta the Magician, but also ancient gods that once walked the world. And they dream of bending it to their will again. He learns that the Trickster, one of the greatest of the old gods, has set a trap for him. But he can spare little time to think on that, for a more obvious danger is coming. War. And the outcome will decide not just his own destiny but that of the realm. Unless the Trickster kills him first...

135 Words