The Dark God

Author: Robert Ryan Series: The Dark God RisesGenres: Not Classified My Rating:
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The final battle draws near, and the fate of men and gods hangs in the balance... Brand has defeated the army of Unferth, and the usurper lies dead. His magician, Horta, is also humbled. From the ruins of battle, Brand forges alliances and brings warring tribes together toward a single, all-important purpose. But time is running out. Nor does he have soldiers enough to face what comes. For the army of the Kar-ahn-hetep is on the move, and the gods of that warlike people march with it. Dread flies before them, and darkness falls over the land. What must follow is a battle Brand cannot win. But he will fight it anyway. Yet, unknown to him, a desperate hope exists. That spark is held by Horta, his enemy, and the magician might as easily snuff it out as flare it to life. But the will of the Dark God is bent upon him, whose only thought is to crush Brand forever... This is the final book of the Dark God Rises trilogy.

175 Words